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  • Madre - Acrilico su tela -  200x160 cm - 2013
    Madre - Acrilico su tela - 200x160 cm - 2013

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Tiziana TREZZI born in Magenta (Mi) on November 22. In her family environment, thanks to her mother, the young Tiziana finds her first incentive to drawing and the use of colors. 1972 After artistic high school, she attends the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Giovanni Repossi, Domenico Purificato’s assistant, is her painting teacher e Pietro Diana initiates her to the secrets of engraving. 1973 In Spring she met the great abstract artist Luigi Veronesi and becomes her student, she attends his chromatology course for four years from which she learns chromatic sensitivity and balance of shapes. 1977 She graduates with honour and in the same year, recommended by her teacher as one of the most promising students in her course, her first personal exhibit is set up at Labus Gallery in Brescia. After that, several personal exhibits in Italy have been set out, among which the ones in Cinisello Balsamo, Monza, Milan, Rimini, Perugia, Agrigento, Turin and takes part to some important events in Italy and abroad. 1982 She mets the gallerist Mina Ruocco, owner of the Arte Spiga Gallery in Via della Spiga, Milan, and starts a collaboration. Thanks to Mina Ruocco, she is present in the important Art Fairs in Basel, Gent, New York and Bologna; at the same time she works as a commercial artist for some big companies. TIZIANA TREZZI - BIOGRAPHIE 2 / 3 During one of these exhibits at the Gallery Arte Spiga, her works belongs to important private collections, such as Filippo Schettini’s, former art merchant, who sees a talent in her, and art gallery owner from Milan. 1989 The Art Spiga Gallery closes down following a bereavement and the artist finds herself alone looking for a new patron. 2000 Due to family reasons, she is forced to temporarily leave painting and she devotes mainly to teaching, having achieved the qualification to teach Arts. 2003 Always fascinated by psychology and subconscious, she attends a biennial course, held by the Education Agency of Milan, she obtains her multipurpose specialization diploma with top marks and she becomes a specialized teacher for disabled students. 2007 She suffers from a serious disease that she brilliantly overcomes, considering herself to be a miraculous survivor. It is in this period that strongly emerges the need, never soothed, to go back to the sole activity, painting, to which she has felt to be destined since she was a child. 2008 She attends a specialization course in Art Therapy and she starts painting again. 2009 At the Art Fair in Forlì she meets the critic Francesco Gallo, teacher at the Fine Art Academy in Rome and art director of the same fair, to whom she shows the pictures of her paintings. Such meeting will motivate her giving her the opportunity to resume her career. Besides her painting activity, she is a Middle School teacher and cooperates in interior design as Art Director and chromatic consultant