The Gallery LA Telaccia by Malinpensa organizes the next 7th biennial international art exhibition in Montecarlo 2016. This exhibit valid emerging artists from all over the world. The exhibition will be developed with works of painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, engraving, bas-reliefs and works done to the computer. As every year you can admire works by the strong creative rigor and the quality of interpretation. It will be exciting to witness an exhibition of art respectful where more and more new languages, forms and colors blend with the sensitivity, poetry and descriptive force, for an art rich in broad rendering of content, communication and capacity ‘technique.
In the last edition of the 6th biennial international art in 2014 sixty-five artists have been selected on more than two thousand subscriptions that have reached us. The art gallery La Telaccia by Malinpensa, supported by a jury of art critics, journalists, gallerists and collectors select with precision and professionalism for the biennial artists in the vast art scene internationally.
In the last edition there were artists from: United States, Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Czech Republic and Albania. It ‘a manifestation of art, of great resonance, that welcomes collectors, critics, journalists, fans in Montecarlo, both for the quality of the works, and for the importance to the cultural level that the show offers and thanks also to the wide publicity the art gallery the Telaccia by Malinpensa, organizer of the biennial, realized on various international journals specialized in the arts.
Even for the 2016 edition we have the patronage of the Italian Embassy in the principality of Monaco and this makes us much honor. It will be an interesting event in which an applicant interweaving of pure sentiments expressed in an absolute freedom of expression. For the 7th biennial international art in Montecarlo in 2016 there will be the theme: “environment: decline or revival? “. The relationship between man and the environment, and its various problematic but also the stress and the desire of human beings to change and improve the environmental conditions in which we live. We will see how artists, with commitment, liberty and with their sensitivity, will express themselves about to release the essence of ‘man – artist ..


are opened to all artists selections to participate in the 7th International Biennale d’Art at Montecarlo in 2016. Painting, sculpture, graphics, watercolor, printmaking, ceramics, bas reliefs, photography and works on the computer. To participate in the selection send to the Art Gallery LA TELACCIA by Malinpensa by post photos of 6 different works, biography and résumé or by e-mail info@latelaccia.it in jpg or tiff. For information contact the Art Gallery LA TELACCIA.

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